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Chatting with: Ilana Kohn

Posted on May 28 2015

How many of your can say that you knew exactly what you wanted to do as soon as your left the gate? Likely not many, myself included. With aims of becoming an art teacher I'm now a boutique owner .. sure that makes sense, I guess. Ilana Kohn followed a similar winding path. Now a favorite designer of it-gals around the country, Kohn began her career as an illustrator. Working for ten years for everyone from the New Yorker to Kiehl's, she finally took the leap in 2012 to launch her clothing line. Happily for us, those illustration skills haven't been hung up to dry -- she now illustrates all of her own prints giving her laid back line a punch of fun. We caught up with Ilana over email last week to get her perspective on design, her fave studio jams and more ... read on!

Can you give us a run down of your aesthetic? What do you gravitate towards?
Tomboy, low-key, minimal — lots of beat up tee shirts & jeans!  

If you were a character in a movie who would you be?
Elmira from Tiny Toons

When you're under a deadline what music, if any, do you like to play in the studio to get you through?
I prefer it quiet actually!  Unless I'm doing something like drafting patterns, then it's really whatever pandora serves up.

When you saddle up to the bar what's your order?
Good wine, always wine.  In the colder months, I go for a nice deep cab and when it warms up I drink rosé like a camel.

What's your favorite thing you've made thus far?

I really do love the Gary Jumpsuit – it's pretty much my entire style philosophy summed up in one garment.

More reading: learn more about Ilana on By Way Of.
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  • Sonia: August 19, 2015

    ha, I agree, I was back yesterday too. On a hieghr note, your post is beautiful! Love love love those scarves. and extra love how you actually relaxed and chilled out. Well done!

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