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Olive Gal: Ebony Graves

Posted on July 29 2015

You may have seen Ebony behind the desk at Olive chillin' with her new pal Pete the cat -- he's a real cutie! Ebony, the newest member of the Olive team, has been with us for six months or so and never fails to impress. Her effortless style, quick smile & sharp eye keep us forever smitten. Next time you stop in the shop make sure to say hi and read on to learn a little bit more about this inspiring gal & shop all her favorites here. As usual, we chatted a bit over text:

1) where are you right now & what are you up to?

Currently lying out at givens pool* daydreaming of a tropical vacation with my kitten.

Laying? lol

laying? lying? somehow they both sound right?
2) you just got a new kitten! tell me about him! him right? what's his name?

One of them means I can't spell lol. Peter, lil pete for short, is probably the best cat you'll ever meet. Full of energy but knows when it's cuddle time ... & his face is so stinkin' handsome!

can't beat a handsome tom cat!

3) so what tropical locale are the two of you off to in your mind?

I've been looking at some beautiful pictures of Greece lately but ... I think any beach with sand & palm trees & friendly people will do. Beach > community pools.

just about everything tops community pools. i went to givens last week & everyone had to leave because a kid pooped int he pool. not cool : <

Lol! That's why I go to givens. For the people watching.

It's pretty priceless there.

4) do you have any good pool read suggestions? anything you've been digging this summer?

I'm going to have a boring adult moment right now & say I've been too busy to read lately :( Short stories are always a good grab & go for me though.

Hummm this summer has been fueled by lots of Neil Young & pushing the limits of looking like I just stepped out of a mid-90s sitcom for me. I often ask myself "is this too Friends?" but it's mid July in Texas. As long as its partially clothing your body, no one cares what you're wearing, so just roll with it.

mid-90s fashion inspiration is really fascinating me this summer. i've been watching so much Seinfeld & keep noticing all these great moments Elaine has -- great stacked pearl earrings, funny prairie dresses, big blazers. none of that really appealed to me the first go-rough, but the 90s are really creeping into my closet. despite the fact that i've already lived that decade once :P ... sigh

5) on that note, lastly, and far from least, tell me about a favorite memory from your formative years. i bet you've some something better than Seinfeld & Friends reruns!

I can't wait for the early 2000s to start showing up. There's definitely some potential there...

I think one of my first memories is on of my most formative. I was around 3 or 4 riding in a seat on the back of my dads bike (I know these are v dangerous now, lol). This is how i was taken to pre-k while he was going to class, finishing up his art degree. He's such a go getter - nothing too tough for me - type of dude. I think the image just reminds me to keep going when I need it most :)


*Givens Pool is a favorite of ours - a quite community pool tucked away on the east side of Austin. It's never too crowded, there are nice patches of grass to lay on, there's great people watching and it's free. Tough to beat!


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