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Look: Jennie Jieun Lee

Posted on July 21 2015

I first stumbled across Jennie Lee's gorgeous work in Rachel Comey's flagship store on a cold, rainy afternoon in New York. A long time fan of Comey's I couldn't resist ducking into her jewel box of a space to drool over ... well, everything. I steeled myself for perfect boots, fun prints & that gorgeous pink carpet the shop's decked out in, but I wasn't prepared to fall in love Lee's artful ceramics. Her loose use of vivid color and soft forms make me weak in the knees.

At the budding age of 4 Lee moved to New York City from South Korea with her family. Later in life she studies ceramics, printmaking & painting at the School at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston & has gone on to parlay her talent into a creative mish-mash of dream jobs. When she's not showing her work at top galleries she's designing prints for the aforementioned Comey & selling her ceramics at some of the countries best-loved boutiques. You can read a little more about Lee & her practice here.


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