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Muse: Diane Keaton

Posted on August 06 2015

Arguably, Diane Keaton, particularly in the mid-early 70s, is my greatest style influence. Certainly not literally, I'm not often reaching for ties or bowler hats, but when it comes to vibe - Diane's got it. Her borrowed from the boys layers - a mish-mash of generously cut trousers, button-up shirts, blazers and the occasionally well tailored suit - imbue such confidence. Keaton's got swagger in spades. The certainty and dedication to a uniform, a signature look (over decades!) is wildly impressive and, in its own unexpected, quiet way a sound feminist statement.

Staring in a slew of the late 20th century's most notable films (Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Godfather) her swagger is rightfully earned. Though she dated some of Hollywood's greatest (Warren Beaty, yum), Keaton never married proclaiming "that old maid myth is garbage.*" When children entered into the picture it was on her own terms -- she's adopted two children on her own. Now reflection on days past Keaton remembers wanting her "appearance to be more interesting than what surrounded [her]" proclaiming "now the body part I like best is my eyes, because they bring beauty to me." Keaton is reveling in "the opportunity to see out*" and we're excited and hopeful to follow in her footsteps.


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