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Look: Meta Flora

Posted on October 14 2015

Do you ever dream of walking out on your day job? I know if I ever jumped ship & braved the waters of a new career I'd want to follow in Marisa Competelo's footsteps. Leaving behind a successful career in fashion styling, Competelo traded it in for a career in floral design. After picking up a few clients, namely the Lower East Side fashion folk health-haunt Dimes, her company, Meta Flora, was born.   
These days gorgeous flowers seem to be a dime a dozen. It's de rigueur to have a sprawling, wild bouquet tucked away on a bar corner or nestled up next to the hostess, but Meta Flora's work is different. Competelo's sculptural work is somehow both minimal and lush, wild and restrained, and honestly, who doesn't love a good contradiction. 
Read up on Competelo here & here. Check out all her Dimes florals here.




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