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Muse: Georgia O'Keeffe

Posted on November 13 2015

This past June, I spend about five days in Santa Fe to start off a three week southwestern road trip. While I was there, I, like anyone else, went to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. I was a fan of her before (I mean who doesn't love paintings of flowers with possible subliminal messages??), but being surrounded by her paintings and photos of her really pushed my love in to a minor obsession. 

Like most female artists in the 20th century, she was working in a male-driven industry- yet her talent allowed her to succeed as a painter and a woman. Early in her career, she taught art in west Texas (be still my heart) and finally made her move to New Mexico in 1949 after her husband's death. Her life just seems so attractive in the simplest ways.



Although she's known for her technicolor floral paintings, I found myself more drawn to her later water colors. They she was an old woman with an unsteady hand when she painted them yet they hold such serenity and beauty. I think these are the paintings that reflect her the most.





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