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Muse: David Bowie

Posted on January 13 2016

Not unlike, well, what seems like everyone, I was touched by David Bowie. By his body of work. By his creative expression. By his boundless style. His honesty. His open-mindedness. By him. Waking up to the news of his passing early Monday morning hit me in a way I wouldn't have expected. I found myself mourning a man I never personally new. I don't think that matters though. What I did know was Bowie as an idea, as creativity personified. Bowie created a space for misfits, square pegs and oddballs. And who among us hasn't considered themselves in that boat -- at least for a time.

He was the patron saint of all my favorite fellow travelers: the freaks, the fags, the dykes, the queers, the weirdos of all stripes, and that most dangerous creature of all: the artist. -Sara Benincasa

So I'm not mourning the loss of a man so much as a Saint. Our Saint. So long, Starman. 




David Bowie on stage, 1978



1: David Bowie on the Russell Harty Show, 1973



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