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Erica Weiner Universal No Earring

$ 80.00

These dainty earrings replicate the universal "NO" symbol. You know the one, it's a red circle with a diagonal line through it usually slapped over a cigarette or a dude littering.

-14k gold fill
-like a hoop but without a back, crazy comfortable to wear
-hangs like a lowercase "e"
-perfect everyday earrings
-made in New York City

The mechanism is wonderful in it's simplicity: thread the circular wire through your lobe to put the hoop on. To lock it in place, slightly bend the "slash" straight line open and move it past your earlobe. Your earring should be hanging, now, like a lower-case "e". Sounds confusing, but it's not. These hoop earrings have no posts to spike you and no backs to lose, so feel free to wear them day in and day out, to bed, in the shower, EVERYWHERE.

Erica was born in Brooklyn and raised not too far away, in a small suburb in New Jersey. After earning her degree in Art History at Vassar College, she spent a few years touring the world as a costumer on Broadway shows, then a few more in the trenches as a sample-maker for various NYC fashion designers. She began making jewelry as a way to relieve stress after work, but before long, she had a full-fledged cult following, and after a year her hobby was her new career.
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