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Odette Snowflake Obsidian & Rhodonite Double Aura Cuff

$ 79.20 $ 198.00

Product Details

A white brass cuff with two stacked stones: a peppered snowflake obsidian and a rosy rhodonite.

-aura cuff
-two stacked stones, snowflake obsidian rhodonite
-peppered grey/white/black snowflake obsidian, known to  balance to body, mind & spirit; promotes focus
-rosy pink rhodonite, known to  help balance the emotions and calm impatience, grounds negative energy & promotes love
-carved from wax by hand then cast in white bronze

-made in New York City

Odette New York is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, artifacts and primitive forms; made using ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrication.


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